I have the privilege to illustrate for the The Smithsonian's Kid's Castle Magazine.
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Ping-Pong Diplomacy Tomatoes vs. Mosquitoes
A word from the Editor:
To: Michelle McMahon, Sr. Internet Projects Manager

I wanted to bring to your attention the splendid work Atena has performed for us for the Smithsonian Magazine children's website, Kidsí Castle (kidscastle.si.edu). Atena has been a wonderful person to work with. She is eager to take on any assignment I give her and has responded quickly with quality work. She is extremely creative and has sent clever artwork to illustrate articles that I thought were un-illustratable. She has stepped in and provided artwork for our quarterly newsletter as well, which was beyond our original agreement. Atena is a friendly, personable joy to work with and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful addition to the Kidsí Castle team she has been.

Angela Render
New Media Editorial Assistant, Smithsonian Magazine

 Here are some of my favorite illustrations and links to the stories online in the Smithsonian Magazine Kid's Castle.
Clean and Green Tarzan the Eternal
Comet's Tale
Human Moms Teach Chimps it's All In the Family
Dragonfly Dramas

My favorite part of illustrating the Kids Castle is the newsletters because I create illustrations for the poems the children wrote themselves. I am always inspired by the children's creativity and unique ideas.

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